When You Get Out of Quarantine, What Will Be the First Thing You Eat?

Yahoo Finance recently posted an article with the above title. It is something everyone reading this right now has certainly thought about, perhaps even salivated over. The author of the article, Jayson Derrick, a staff writer for Benzinga (a financial news and analysis service), writes, “Being stuck at home for an extended period of time certainly has its sets of challenges. Fortunately, being a foodie eliminates one of them: my family is well-fed. But the one thing I miss the most is dining out at Texas Roadhouse.” While Derrick may yearn for the porterhouse at his favorite chain restaurant, his fellow staff writer at Benzinga, Henry Khederian, “wants nothing more than to eat at Mia Bella in Cleveland's Little Italy. The restaurant serves up homemade food, including a fantastic margherita pizza, colorful ravioli, and as one would expect at an Italian joint, tiramisu to finish the night.” When the doors open back up to the world, where will you go first? 

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