Get Rewarded for Your Success! Scholarships for Italian American Students

La ricerca di borse di studio è un processo lungo, capillare ed impegnativo. Come sapere quali borse di studio sono le più adatte? Quali sono le migliori possibilità per assicurarsi un importante aiuto economico, prezioso per far fronte alle ingenti spese universitarie? I liceali di origine italiana possono avvalersi della presentazione di domande per l’assegnazione di borse di studio offerte da numerose fondazioni attive in ambito locale e nazionale, assegnate con principio meritocratico sulla base dei risultati accademici e dell’impegno dimostrato al di fuori della scuola. 

Searching for scholarships is a long and tedious process. As a first-year student in college, I remember the days of senior year of high school where I applied for scholarships almost every day. The process is challenging. How do you know which scholarships are best suited for you? What are your best chances at getting help to pay for college expenses? If you’re a high school student and of Italian descent, there are numerous scholarships awaiting your application! Through various foundations that focus on rewarding Italian American students for their academic and out-of-the-classroom success, you can find a scholarship that best fits you. Here is a list of some Italian American scholarship programs:

Order Sons and Daughters of Italy in America: This scholarship foundation offers merit-aid rewards to high school seniors and college students enrolled in a four-year institution. Applicants must have a 3.5 cumulative GPA and submit academic records to the foundation. The application deadline is in February, so keep a look out for the 2020-21 application soon!

Unico National: Unico is an American organization for Italian descendants (many of my family members are members of Unico!). They have various scholarships for high school seniors and college students. This foundation focuses on students who excel beyond the classroom, such as community service involvement and extra-curricular activities. Each scholarship is different and applicants must be from certain areas of the U.S., attend certain colleges and major in specific programs.

The National Italian-American Foundation: NIAF rewards 60-70 prospective and current college students with scholarships of varying prices. To be eligible, applicants must have a family member enrolled in NIAF and have at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA. Again, the application is currently closed, but will open next winter for new applicants.

There are plenty of Italian American scholarships available. If your family members are part of Italian American-based clubs, there could be scholarships offered through those organizations as well. Additionally, when applying for these scholarships, make sure to make your application unique. Italian American organizations hear numerous stories about heritage, but how does your heritage connect with your accomplishments and future goals? Remember, there are other Italian American students who also want financial assistance for college. In bocca al lupo!