St. Rocco Church Celebrates Pastor's 25 Years of Service

St. Rocco’s Roman Catholic Church has celebrated Father James Mayer's 25 years as pastor. Fr. James Mayer has been a part of St. Rocco’s Church since he was young, and he even worked part-time at the church as a teenager. Throughout his years attending college and partaking in religious study, Fr. Mayer gained a variety of experiences that aided him in his journey to become pastor of the church that he’s known and loved for years. He attended Tri-C University, was accepted into the Mercedarians, and studied at a seminary in Philadelphia.

Fr. Mayer’s family have been a part of St. Rocco’s Church for many years, and they gave him endless support throughout his journey with his religious study. Fr. Mayer grew up with the church, and to become a part of it was like a dream come true for him. “People here love this parish and they have a great devotion to their saint,” says Fr. James Mayer. “It's something that’s been a part of my life since I was a child, and I've always had a great love for this place and St. Rocco. Celebrating my 25th anniversary here is like a fairytale come true. It's beyond what I imagined.”

Fr. James Mayer celebrated his 25th year at the parish with a dinner-dance for more than 300 people. Beforehand, about 200 people also attended a smaller cookie and cake reception. The dinner-dance celebration was put together by the Silver Jubilee Committee, who organized the seating, food, and entertainment for the event. The celebration took place in August at the Astrodome in Parma.

“I strongly believe that St. Rocco's is a beacon of this neighborhood and the community,” says Fr. James Mayer. “It's the love of the parish that makes a difference in this neighborhood. It's a welcoming presence, and there's always plenty of room here for everyone.” Fr. Mayer's 25 years of service have been joyful and full of love for those at St. Rocco's, and he's sure to have 25 more amazing years with the church.