Opera in the Italian Garden in Cleveland

The Italian Cultural Garden will feature Opera in the Italian Garden this year, a free annual event established in 2008 honoring Italian culture and heritage. The event will take place on July 30, 2017, and it is open to everyone.

Established in 1930 during a celebration of Columbus Day, the Italian Cultural Garden is known to be one of the most elaborately decorated gardens in Cleveland. The two-level Italian Renaissance garden is adorned with fountains, statues, and medals that honor famous Italian figures such as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Roman poet Virgil. To walk in this garden is to enjoy a fun day at the park while also exploring Italian heritage right in Cleveland.

The Italian Cultural Garden will host a free concert featuring famous Italian operas. With more than 2,000 citizens in attendance last year, it is encouraged for the audience to bring their own chairs and picnic blankets to the event. The event, hosted by Joyce Mariani, will occur July 30, 2017 in the garden, located at 990 East Blvd. For more information regarding the event, contact the Italian Cultural Foundation at 216-916-7780.

Although the event will be free of charge, donations to the Cleveland Cultural Gardens Federation are encouraged to keep the gardens at top quality and to continue the ever growing events in the area. To contact the Cleveland Cultural Gardens Federation, call 216-220-3075, or visit www.clevelandculturalgardens.org or www.culturalgardens.org to learn more about the organization.