Happy Birthday LaGazzetta

This month, La Gazzetta Italiana begins its 20th year of publication. In the beginning our monthly newspaper opened with a 20 pager and as advertisers came on board, our size increased. Presently we publish a 44 pager and on occasion a 48 pager.

Though the newspaper founder, I must admit the idea of an Italian American newspaper was not mine. One day a non-Italian woman walked into my office and suggested the idea and the masthead would bear the name, Italia. I countered that I would come on board if I totally controlled editorial copy. That went over like a ‘lead balloon' and she left my office. There was no deal!

Shockingly this young ‘idea woman' passed away unexpectedly and months later resurrected the idea and we decided to go forward. Again, I admit we went forward believing we would soon be out of business. No way did I think La Gazzetta Italiana would get past the first few months. However, Italians of the Cleveland and northeast Ohio community, including the then Italian Consul Biagio Parente supported the newspaper and with the ‘changing of the guard' several years ago, we as PAS Publishing are kicking off our 20th year. We are pleased to report that many of our original advertisers are still with us and have been joined by so many other patrons. We thank one and all for their support.

Our commitment and mission remains the same…to offer our community and supporters a top notch newspaper we can all be proud of.

Thank you,
Paul A. Sciria, Mg. Editor