Alla Boara Records Second Album in Front of LIVE Audience

July 7 and 8, 2023 at The Bop Stop in Cleveland marked a special moment in the short, yet vibrant history of Alla Boara. Over two electric evenings the group premiered new material and breathed new life into older compositions with special guests Jamey Haddad (world renown percussionist), Chris Coles on saxophone, and Patrick Graney also on percussion. The two nights were an incredibly immersive experience for both listener and musician alike. The energy in the room was palpable and gave special life to the audio and visual recordings. The audience was completely drawn into the music and enveloped in the stories of where these songs come from. After the second night’s finale the group stood in the middle of the room, surrounded by a roaring crowd (this performance was done in the round). The ecstatic audience rose to the occasion and was behind the band the whole time. It almost felt familial. 

“When we started this group, I thought it may have potential, but I severely underestimated the human connection that this music would have with the average audience member.” Said Anthony Taddeo, the group’s founder and leader, about the accessibility of this group.

The culmination of the two nights is being released as “Work & Song” on January 26, 2024, Alla Boara’s sophomore release. Their first studio recording garnered great reviews and was a wonderful introduction to the group’s eclectic and fascinating approach to this mixture of Italian folk music and modern sounds. But over the last two years, the band’s voice has grown so immensely they knew they needed something that represented the energy that they bring live. “When we recorded that first album we had only played a couple of gigs together. Now, we have developed such chemistry and our live performances have become so interactive and fun that we felt we needed a way to show that to people that may have never heard us before.” 

Audience members were, at moments, moved to tears, laughing hysterically or experiencing moments of complete reverence, all in the span of the same performance. This collection of music not only demonstrates what makes Alla Boara such an enchanting group, it also demonstrates how important community and connection is to them. “I will never forget the feeling of sitting next to my greatest musical mentor (Jamey Haddad) surrounded by friends and musicians that I respect so much; feeling the amazingly warm embrace of the crowd,” said Taddeo.

"A deep, immersive and powerful experience." - The Jambar, June 2020