Patrick Tunno

A Second Language is a Gift Worth Sharing

March 2024
“Piovono Polpette”, the Italian dub of “It’s Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” is playing in the living room. It’s an exclusive viewing party for an audience of one – my seven-year-old son. He’s sprawled out across our chenille indigo sofa in...

In the Cucina with La Gazzetta: What I Learned as a PBS Zoom Chef

September 2021
“If you loved me, you’d eat it” was my Italian grandmother’s mantra. Growing up, I recall this barely five-foot-tall woman a powerhouse who expressed her love through homemade pizza, sauteed zucchini flowers, and every dessert imaginable. While...

My Journey to Teach My Son Italian

June 2021
In quest’articolo, lo scrittore, un uomo americano, parla della sua decisione di insegnare l’italiano al suo bambino anche se lui non era madrelingua. Descrive l’importanza di usare le parole italiane con il figlio perché vuole che lui parli...