MUST GO: Join an Italian American Club

January is a time for resolutions. Lose weight, save more money, exercise, get a new job, and stop smoking top the list for 2020. La Gazzetta Italiana encourages you to add one more item to your list – join an Italian American club. The goal of most, if not all, Italian American clubs is to perpetuate the heritage of all Italian Americans. Clubs like these heighten the awareness of the Italian culture and keep the passion for our ancestry alive. Social and cultural activities offer comradery in a fun and exciting environment meant to foster connections between Italian Americans. The mission of Italian American clubs is to preserve and protect our culture and offer ways to teach the next generation the importance of keeping the Italian spirit alive and thriving. 

Where do you start? It’s safe to say that you know at least one person in at least one local Italian American club. So, ask around! In our experience, all clubs are more than welcoming to every individual interested in membership. Many host new member social events and meetings. Clubs are a great way to get acquainted with a new city after a move. Many clubs have junior leagues with social events aimed at recruiting the younger generation of Italian Americans. 

There are numerous benefits to joining an Italian American club. Some offer scholarships to students of Italian descent. Clubs offer many leadership opportunities; from boards to committees to volunteer opportunities, there is something for everyone. Networking breakfasts, lunches and happy hours are abundant. Clubs are associated with various philanthropic organizations offering members a chance to give back to the community. Many clubs offer group trips to Italy for their members. Most importantly, Italian American club members become lifelong friends. 

This year, add a new item to your resolution list and join the Italian American club that best fits your personality. It is a decision you will never regret.