Quando si pensa "Made in Italy" viene spontaneo associare anche la qualità, ottima mano d'opera, stile e precisione. La FIAT che ha 100 anni è produttrice di tanti modelli d'auto ed è considerata come un Marchio di stile e qualità . Adesso entrando sul mercato Americano con la classica 500 la FIAT riconquista il suo posto con un'auto che è adeguata ai tempi. La FIAT 500 si compra ad un prezzo economico, ha un motore con ottime prestazioni e consuma poca benzina. Ma ciò che la rende attraente è che ha una sua storia e adesso rivedendola ti da una emozione come rivedere un vecchio amico d'infanzia.

When we think of "Made in Italy", we immediately associate high quality, craftsmanship, style, and top notch engineering to any product. These qualities are part of our Italian heritage which has been praised, recognized and appreciated around the globe.

Italy is considered one of the world leaders in the design and production of automobiles. One of the largest Italian industries, FIAT, is situated in Turin. FIAT has been a pillar of Italy's patrimony for over 100 years.

Although it has produced 16 models over the decades, the one car FIAT has made that tops them all, is the FIAT 500 which was first launched on July 4, 1957. It became an instant success: Italians loved it! "La Cinquecento" (The Five Hundred) as it became known, was the first "city car" built to coincide with the post WWII economic changes that, as of 1951, catapulted Italy into becoming one of the major, industrialized powers of the world. The FIAT 500 was perfect for driving on narrow streets and in heavily populated cities: lightweight, spacious, fuel efficient and gorgeous. It was a fun car to drive!

When I reminisce about growing up in northern Italy in the 1960's, I remember the "Cinquecento" fondly. It was part of our heritage, our identity, our deep cultural change, as we moved from an agrarian society into an industrialized Italy, which has since made its mark on the world. An exciting time in Italy: one that evoked the quintessential years of "La Dolce Vita". All of a sudden, those feelings resurfaced when I saw the first 2012 FIAT 500 recently, parked on one of my city's streets. I cannot describe the feeling, except to say that it was like seeing an old friend; and yet, I did a double take: Wow! The new 2012 Fiat 500 for the North American market has morphed into a stunning, modern version of a great classic!

When I logged onto Fiat's official US website (, I was impressed by the unending availability of detailed options and accessories (some quite affordable). Depending on one's preference, FIAT provides customers the satisfaction of knowing that they have access to approximately 500,000 combinations with which to personalize their car to reflect their own individuality.

FIAT has it all: The 500 with three (3) models to choose from and pricing starting at $ 15,500; The 500c with two (2) models to choose from, features a power-operated cloth top roof, with an innovative three (3) position design; The500 By Gucci is a stunning Limited Edition co-design of the two Italian powerhouses, result of which, simply takes your breath away! The Italian lifestyle is epitomized in these 500 By Gucciautomotive jewels, and of course, true to what one would expect, anyone purchasing this car will want to complete their look with a special edition collection of Gucci apparel, luggage, and accessories.

FIAT had come full circle, reintroducing the 2012 modern version of the 500 model to the US market at a time when the request for urban chic, smaller, more fuel efficient cars is growing; so if you're in the market for a new car or just curious, keep an eye out for this iconic remake of an Italian classic. You will marvel at its possibilities. And as an Italian American, know that this "little giant of a car" is something to be proud of! (