"Education News, Research, and Cultural Insights” by Al Bruno

Author Al Bruno is a regular contributor to La Gazzetta Italiana. He frequently introduces us to remarkable Italian Americans, many originally from the Buffalo, NY area. Al is a teacher and writer and has been reporting on education news and research, while writing insights about culture and personalities since his college reporting days at Canisius College in the late 1970s. His passion and insights in sports are fueled by his experiences as a teacher, coach, and a short and medium form writer.

Al’s most recent book “Education News, Research, and Cultural Insights” is a compilation of 43 education and cultural articles. Most of the pieces within have been published locally and a few have been recognized nationally. 

The book is segmented into three parts: Part 1 – Education News and Research, Part 2 – Diverse Cultural Insights, and Part 3 – Italian Insights. Part 1 includes articles depicting what Al believes to be the current inadequacies of Buffalo’s school system, his commitment to coaching, and memorable historical pieces, amongst other things. Part 2 brings readers diverse articles on culture. Tributes to the early Irish and to the American Indians’ participation in higher education allow the reader to connect to other cultures while still finding the similarities to the Italian American way of life. Part 3 gives us a look into Italian immigration, winemaking and trailblazing Italian Americans. 

“Education News, Research, and Cultural Insights” is Bruno’s third book that he has written and produced in the past year. In 2020, he published both “Buffalo’s Sports Headliners and Insights” and “11 Italian Greats in Sports and Italian Insights.” All of Bruno’s books are now available online at Amazon Books.