Steamship Ticket to the United States: November 22, 1911

Steamship Ticket to the United States Steamship Ticket to the United States

A. Name of steamship company: Navigazione Generale Italiana. Headquarters in Rome and offices in Genoa, Palermo, Naples. and Venice.

B. Control number issued by Emigration Office in Naples. Ticket good for one passenger in 3rd class.

C. Name of ship: Duca degli Abruzzi, under Italian flag, will depart Naples on the 22nd of November for New York.

D. Passenger: Colangelo Matteo, age 28. Ticket entitles passenger to one berth and daily rations. Emigrant must present himself in Naples on the 17th. Total cost of fare is 210 Lire, including space for up to 100 kilos of baggage contained in less than a cubic meter of space.

Italian legislation enacted in 1901, guaranteed emigrants specific rights: before embarking, while on the high seas, and even after emigration. Below is a table of weekly meal descriptions found on the reverse side of Matteo Colangelo's steamship ticket. Mandated are the kinds and amounts of food, condiments, and drink in grams and liters as prescribed by the law.

Among these are daily rations of "fresh bread made from pure grain, fresh meat every day of the week except Wednesdays and Fridays, pasta from hard wheat, rice, baccala` (salted codfish), tuna, anchovies, cheese, potatoes, beans, onions, pure olive oil, canned tomatoes, wine vinegar, coffee, and unadulterated wine."