Discovering La Famiglia's Final Installment by Roslyn Torella

La Gazzetta Italiana would like to thank Roslyn Torella for her dedication to creating Discovering La Famiglia and her contributions to the column for the past four years. It is our hope that our readers have found this column insightful, useful and helpful over the years. We have had many subscribers reach out to tell us how Discovering La Famiglia aided in their genealogy search, and we cannot be more appreciative to Roslyn for this. Never fear, Roslyn is not going far! She plans to continue to be a regular contributor to La Gazzetta (you can find her in our new column “In the Cucina with La Gazzetta”). Grazie Roslyn!

It is hard to believe that I started writing this column four years ago! It has been such a pleasure and I have enjoyed sharing my research tips on how to research your Italian roots, but the time has come to retire this monthly feature. Fortunately, all my previous columns are available at in the online archives.

Below is an index of all the columns by topic in case you missed a column or want to brush up on a particular topic:

Getting Started/Researcher  Resources

Sept. 2017: Starting Your Italian American Family History Journey

Oct. 2017: Using Passenger Lists to Find Your Original Italian Surname

Jan. 2019: DNA Testing

Aug. 2019: Planning a Research Trip to Italy

Sept. 2019: Hiring a Professional Researcher

Sept. 2020: Genealogy Word List

Oct. 2020: How Did Your Family Get Its Surname

Sept. 2021: Italian Genealogy Frequently Asked Questions

May 2019: Requesting Records from Italy

May 2020: How Historic Events Shape a Family History

Nov. 2020: Moving Beyond Genealogy to Family History

Immigration and Naturalization

Nov. 2017: Immigration and Naturalization Records Overview

Oct. 2019: Secrets in Passenger Lists – Detained Passengers

Nov. 2019: Secrets in Passenger Lists – Contemporaneous Annotations

Dec. 2019: Secrets in Passenger Lists – Post Immigration Annotations

Jan. 2021: Our Ancestors Lives in Italy

Feb. 2021: Arranging Passage to L’America

March 2021: The Port of Naples

April 2021: Life Aboard a Steam Ship

May 2021: Finding Your Ancestor’s Passenger List

June 2021: Arriving in L’America

Aug. 2021: Your Ancestor’s Journey Through Ellis Island

Helpful U.S. Based Records

Dec. 2017: U.S. Census Records

Jan. 2018: U.S. Military Records

Feb. 2018: U.S. Vital Records – Marriage

March 2018: U.S. Vital Records – Death

April 2018: U.S. Vital Records – Birth

May 2018: U.S. Church Records

June 2018: Using Newspapers

July 2018: Fraternal Organizations

Italian Civil Records

Aug. 2018: Overview of Italian Civil Records

Sept. 2018: Translating Italian Birth Records

Oct. 2018: Deeper Dive into Italian Birth Records

Nov. 2018: Using the Portale Antenati

Dec. 2018: Italian Death Records

Feb. 2019: Italian Marriage Records – Part 1

March 2019: Italian Marriage Records – Part 2

July 2019: Italian Census Records

Italian Church Records

April 2019: Italian Parish Records

Italian Military Records

June 2019: Italian Military Records

Case Studies

Jan. 2020: Helping Readers; Carna Family History

March 2020: A DNA Discovery of Lost Italian Heritage

April 2020: A Passenger Records Holds the Key

June 2020: Tracking Down a Reader’s Calabrian Roots