Ryan de Arcangelis

Timballo: A Delicious Blend of Food and Tradition

June 2020
Do you have that classic food that grandma always makes during the holidays? That one go-to dish that always makes your day? I do and it is, of course, Italian. The dish is called timballo, and it is possibly the best thing I have ever eaten in my...

Youth in Fano

May 2020
Have you ever dreamed of visiting a mystical place like Atlantis or Asgard? The real-life, small town of Fano Adriano has all the characteristics that one dreams to see in a mystical location. If you ever have the chance to visit the town in the...

The Marsican Brown Bear

March 2020
Last summer I tracked down a Marsican Brown Bear, one of the rarest species of bears in the world. They are located only in the Abruzzo National Park (Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo, Italy) and there are around 40-60 of them left. It took a long time...