Gina Lorubbio

contributing writer,

There's No Taste Like Home

October 2019
It’s not just the flavor. It’s everything else that surrounds the food you eat upon return to a place you call home: the helping hands in the kitchen, the familiar cooking equipment, the famiglia sitting around the table, the landscape you pass...

Zucchini: Share Your Bounty with Abandon

July 2019
From the Heirloom Food Project I’m no master gardener, but for each of the past four years, our raised beds have contained zucchini. It seems like the ultimate foolproof vegetable – one that can always be counted on to produce and produce and...


April 2019
Passatelli is one of the most looked-forward-to dishes in my family’s recipe repertoire. The noodles are made with breadcrumbs, eggs, Romano cheese, lemon, and a dash of cinnamon. We mix a rough dough and then run it through a sausage grinder to...

Keep Your Kitchen Warm

October 2018
Legumi in scatola o legumi secchi? Naturalmente secchi! Cucinandoli con qualche piccola accortezza ed infondendoli durante la bollitura con gli aromi della tipica cucina italiana, questi ingredienti “umili”  e sani danno un risultato che...

Make Time for Tradition, An Heirloom Food Story

September 2018
For many Italians, the tomato will always be inextricably linked to the family’s annual tomato canning tradition. Every year around Labor Day, our family would gather around bushels of plum tomatoes and get to work. Tomatoes are an example of the...