Francesca Mignosa

contributing writer

"The" Gentleman of Verona

November 2017
Da molti anni il Club di Giulietta a Verona si occupa di rispondere a migliaia di messaggi indirizzati all’eroina shakespeariana da ogni parte del mondo. Grazie ad un team di volontarie, le Segretarie di Giulietta, ogni lettera viene letta,...

An American Brunch in Verona

October 2017
I was missing America. I was particularly missing those sweet-meets-salty moments you only experience at weekend brunches. I had a taste (or two) in my palate and had a strong feeling that I would find them here in Verona, Italy. So, I started...

The Identity Map of Multiculturals

September 2017
How would you define identity? I would encourage you not to look up the definition in a dictionary. I would be more captivated by your own, experienced and subjective interpretation of identity. In this reflection, I focus on identity for...

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