A Complete Italian Wine Experience - THE ITALIAN COLLECTION® by BelVino

"A passion for beautiful wines" is the mantra of Claudia Fatica Di Lillo an enthusiastic and intelligent promoter of Italy's spectacular wines from all 20 regions. DiLillo's mission is to bring Italy's wines onto everyone's table. To that effect, she founded BelVino in 2003 to import and distribute Italy's "beautiful wines".

Di Lillo is guided by her personal philosophy to not simply sell wine, but to embrace all aspects of Italy's revered wine-making culture and to provide the best quality of Italian wines at affordable prices.

Immersing herself in the knowledge of grape-growing and wine-making, Di Lillo traversed the principal grape regions of Italy meeting producers from Italy's small farms to large estates. As a result of that, BelVino has a relationship with over sixty wineries representing well over 200 grape varietals. Those professional relationships have merited Di Lillo with expansive knowledge of the entire process of creating distinctive Italian wines.

Italian travels have afforded Ms. Di Lillo the opportunity to walk the vineyards, learn about the vines, regions, grapes, growers and producers. Hundreds of tastings have expanded her palette and exposed her to wines complexities, characteristics and flavors making her a consummate expert of the wines of Italy.

It seems only natural that Di Lillo, born in Oratino, Campobasso develop an international business of such prominence. Her Italian roots, bilingual skills, college dual degrees in interior design and business laid a firm foundation. Marriage, motherhood, community involvement and Italian Cultural activities allowed DiLillo to discover a new passion: BelVino or beautiful wine. Locally based, the company's portfolio includes more than 300 wines from over 60 producers representing all 20 regions of the country. As well as direct sales, BelVino's venues include Wine Tastings and Wine Dinners. These wine events present wine pairings with tasting menus that allow the full flavor of each wine to be experienced, enjoyed and remembered.

A thorough presentation of each wine explains its unique offerings from origin through production to last swallow. Every swirl shows off the wine's beauty, every sip delivers its flavor and every finish shows qualities to savor and remember. All in all, Italian wines are stunning compliments to any table. To attend a tasting email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a list of events.

To profile Italy's enormous array of wines, Di Lillo has created and introduced a one-of-a-kind exclusive offering from BelVino: THE ITALIAN COLLECTION® A Complete Italian Wine Experience One bottle of wine from each of the 20 regions

To quote Ms. Di Lillo: "Hand picked by BelVino, each collection captures the true essence of Italy's most beloved wines. From rich and sophisticated, to light and fruity, each collection of 20 wines, with one from each region, is an experience you will fall in love with". THE ITALIAN COLLECTION® assortment expands the footprint of the company by offering wines representative of all 20 regions of the country - from a Pinot Grigio with fruity notes to a full body Sangiovese. Some are the result of vintners in regions unknown for wine, such as Molise, while others are from world-renowned wineries and regions like Tuscany.

Unique to the category and market, few, if any other distributor in the U.S. has established a portfolio that includes bottles by producers in all 20 regions.

Di Lillo has spent more than seven years assembling the collection ~ tasting after tasting with each individual producer. A work in progress, she continues to refine the program. The collection comes in 2 beautifully designed packages of 10 bottles each including: an information sheet on each wine, brochure with map of all regions and grapes. There are three collections at different price points with different types and qualities to meet different budgets and palettes. They can be viewed at www.belvino.com

The Collection recently became a Registered Trademark of BelVino LLC. "We are thrilled, our team worked for months to make the concept a reality. The registered mark is affirmation as to the uniqueness of this collection", says Di Lillo.

More exciting than receiving a Registered Trademark was the opportunity to present her work to the U.S. Ambassador of Italy, Signore Giulio Terzi. He was presented with the most prestigious collection "Amante" on his recent visit to Cleveland in April. In a thank you letter to Di Lillo he writes:
"....it was a most thoughtful gesture, and one which emblemizes your passion for wine-making and your love for the country where you were born.

Your choice of creating this Collection in 2011, which marks the 150th anniversary of Italy's unification, is most significant: the fine selection of wines, from each of Italy's twenty beautiful regions, makes it truly a unique collection which captures the essence of each - different and distinctive area."

While they are lovely gifts for any occasion, THE ITALIAN COLLECTION® is an exploration of the Italian lifestyle, heritage and culture, perfect to open and to enjoy everyday.

Contact BelVino's Sales Department directly at 440.715.0076 for specific information on pricing and select locations to purchase a collection. BelVino sells its wine through American distributors, in five states presently, and retailers including fine wine and specialty food markets, restaurants, resorts, hotels and clubs.

The one and only ultimate Italian wine experience ~ THE ITALIAN COLLECTION® by BelVino.