June 2018 Events

June 1 – 5 – MUV Music and Digital Art Festival, Florence. Every year the Renaissance city hosts a cutting-edge festival of electronic music, installations and workshops. More than 50 concerts and D.J. sets will take place during the festival.

June 2 – Festa della Repubblica (Festival of the Republic). This national holiday marks the anniversary of the vote to abolish the kingdom and create a republic. Parades, firework displays, air shows, and more commemorate this day all over the country.

June 5 – Festa della Sensa, Venice. Every year for the past millennium, Venice’s Doge has thrown a ring into the lagoon’s waters as a symbol of renewing the marriage between Venice and the water. The Doge’s procession through St. Mark’s Square, a market at the Church of San Nicolo on Lido, traditional Venetian rowing races, and a parade on the water all commemorate this day.

June 12 – Marriage of the Trees, Accettura, Basilicata. The festival that has been celebrated since pagan times begins with a huge tree being cut down and brought to Accettura by more than 50 pairs of oxen – it’s meant to represent the king. The “queen” is then brought in and the joining of the two are celebrated with a huge procession, feasts of local sausages, ricotta and wine as well as competitions to see who can climb the “male” tree.

June 18-20 – Infiorata, Genzano, near Rome. The entire Via Belardi is covered in blooms made of intricate patterns and scenes. The tradition, which probably started as a festival in the 18th century, ends with a Bishop-led procession along the path at sunset.

June 22 – Sept. 1 – Arena di Verona Opera Festival 2018, Verona. All operas are held in Verona’s arena, a nearly 2,000-year-old Roman theatre. This year’s festival kicks off with a performance of “Carmen.”

June 24 – St. John’s Day, Isola Comacina, Lake Como. For the past 600 years, the Day of St. John the Baptist has been celebrated here by reenacting the burning of Comacina island. The actual event took place in 1169 when Barbarossa and Como’s leaders lit the island on fire. Between the fantastic pyrotechnics, music, boat processions, and food events, there is something for everyone.

June 26 – Gioco del Ponte (Game of the Bridge), Pisa. More than 100,000 turn out to see the Game of the Bridge, which dates back to the 15th century, maybe earlier. After a parade of 750 people in period costumes, Pisans duke it out for possession of the bridge.

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