Italy in April

Spring in Italy is beautiful. Plenty of sunny days, many with balmy temperatures, offer visitors the chance to see the lovely fiori blooming across the country. Trees lining the city streets are budding and some large city parks open in April. There are still fewer crowds and lower prices at this time of year so the chance to visit Florence’s “David” and actually witness the masterpiece without being surrounded by crowds of museum-goers is likely. Locals are so excited about the lovely weather that everyone takes to the streets, crowding into the wonderful gelato shops and enjoying a passeggiata. But, perhaps the best part of April is that the seasonal regional cuisines start to see their way onto restaurant tables. Spring brings carciofi romaneschi (Roman artichokes), apricots, bananas, cherries, lemons, strawberries, tomatoes, fresh garlic, truffles, zucchini, and much, much more! All of these are perfect reasons to book that ticket to Italy this spring!

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