Angela Spitalieri

Angela Spitalieri, Publisher

August 2017

August 2017
The year was 2000 when the relationship between Paul Angelo Sciria and PAS Publishing began. Paul was charged with continuing his dedication as editor of the paper as well as maintaining his long-time advertising relationships. Paul was...

NOIA Committed to the Next Generation

April 2017
So many Italian Americans have left indelible marks on history. What about the next generation of Italian Americans? We often reflect on what we can we do to make an impact. St. Teresa of Calcutta said, we can “do small things with great...

MIMO to Announce his Debut Album!

February 2015
MIMO, aka Dominic Spitalieri, is a young DJ/ Producer from Cleveland, Ohio. He broke into the music industry in early 2011 and quickly became a fixture on the Cleveland club and hotel lounge scene. Although he is known for his live, energetic sets...

A Passion for Fiat

January 2014
Italians are passionate people. They're passionate about design. Fashion. Life. Ah, la dolce vita. From architecture and clothing to music and cars, Italian lifestyle has seeped into this country and influenced America in countless ways. The...

International Superstar and Italian Crooner, Patrizio Buanne reaches US Shores

October 2013
International superstar Patrizio Buanne is taking America by storm with his seductive "Julio Iglesias meets Tom Jones", mixture of ballads and bravado. On his latest release and current U.S. tour 'From PATRIZIO con amore', he's delivering...

A tale of two Chefs

August 2013
Since our theme this month is food, I thought it was only fitting to introduce two fine Cleveland chefs to find out more about their passion---food. The first chef I caught up with was Dante Boccuzzi, owner of Dante Restaurant in Tremont, DBA...

Behind La Gazzetta's Associate Editor

April 2012
I sat down with our new Associate Editor, Gabriella Mileti, to bring you a little taste of where she comes from and who she is. AS: How did you and your family find your way from Italy to Cleveland, Ohio? GM: The story of my family is actually...

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