Ilaria Massacesi

Sulmona’s Confetti

September 2016
An Italian delight that I love to eat in my occasional bouts of melancholy is definitely confetti; known in the U.S. as Jordan almonds or, in particular, Sulmona’s confetti. The town of Sulmona is located in the province of L’Aquila,...

Between Sacred and Profane: San Domenico Abate di Cocullo

August 2016
During the summer months, Italy celebrates an eventful period which encompasses the traditions of a land that boasts ancient rituals, sometimes blending the sacred with the profane. A good example that has always caught my interest is the...

Discovering the Italian Middle Ages

July 2016
Whenever I return to Italy and drive up and down our beautiful peninsula, I cannot help but notice the amount of villages and medieval castles scattered everywhere and around every corner. They are magnificent views that make our hills and...

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