Jack Erickson

Contributing writer,

Alba's Tartufo

October 2022
October and November are tartufo (truffle) season in Piemonte in northwest Italia. I was studying Italian in Torino in early October last year and joined a few classmates one weekend. We took a train from Torino to Alba, famous for its truffle...

The Violin Museum in Cremona, Italy

September 2022
When I visit Italy, I balance my time with research, travel, studying Italian, and learning about Italy’s many contributions to art, culture, science, and history. One of the highlights [on a previous visit] was returning to Cremona to tour the...

Cinecittà: Hollywood on the Tiber

September 2020
Cinecittà Studios, Italian for Cinema City Studios, is a large film studio in Rome. Sitting on 99 acres, it is the largest film studio in all of Europe. Cinecittà was constructed during the Fascist era as part of a plan to revive the Italian film...

Santa Rosalia and Festa Italia

November 2019
L’emigrazione dai paesi sulla costa ovest della Sicilia verso gli Stati Uniti è molto interessante, specialmente per come questi gruppi si sono poi assimilati, portando con sé la conoscenza della pesca e le loro feste tradizionali. A Monterey, in...

Elena Ferrante's "My Brilliant Friend"

January 2019
Naples-born author Elena Ferrante has swept through the literary world like a whirlwind. If you've read her novels, you'll understand why she's so popular. Ferrante's first novel in her best-selling Neapolitan series, “My Brilliant Friend,”...