Peppe’s Pig

When Peppe told me the December date for the transformation of his butchered pig into prosciutto, capocollo, sausages, salami, coppa, and lard, I knew I would be there. At 84-years-old, Peppe is the oldest of our rural neighbors to continue this nearly-disappearing winter ritual. Fewer are working the land (and raising pigs) and increasingly, Italians are becoming more health-conscious about pork consumption, the quantity of salt in their foods and so on. On my way over to Peppe’s farm, memories awoke of past times and pig slaughters at my family’s old farmhouse. When I arrived, the garage door was open and a huge soot-blackened copper cauldron with a battered improvised lid squatted outside the open garage door. I knew that the coppa would be 


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