A Wedding in an Assisi Villa: Like a Prize-Winning Film

È il sogno di moltissimi sposarsi in Italia. Il Bel Paese, terra dai mille segreti e dalla storia affascinante, seduce molte coppie che desiderano che il loro matrimonio abbia luogo tra scenari di  incontaminata bellezza e insuperabili meraviglie artistiche. Al centro del cuore verde dell’Italia si trova Assisi, la Città Serafica, affacciata sulla Valle Umbra: questa ambita location offre ad italiani e stranieri la possibilità di sposarsi in una delle famose e storiche chiese oppure nei dintorni rurali, in ville o antiche dimore nobiliari, che fanno da sfondo e cornice mozzafiato alle promesse d’amore. 

“The best decision of our lives was to book here for our wedding day.” This was the message a British couple wrote in thanks to Raffaella for the unforgettable wedding event at her family’s Assisi countryside villa. Raffaella showed me that note with pride on my recent visit to her family villa in the Assisi hill country.

I’ve known Raffaella for over 30 years, ever since she participated in one of our annual August Wisconsin trips for my English-language students. She was an enthusiastic and passionate young woman then – and still is.

Her ties to America remain strong. For over 25 years, Raffaella and her family have hosted visitors from all over the world, many from the U.S., in her family’s summer villa in the rolling hills outside of Assisi.

Raffaella spent her childhood summers in this countryside palazzo of her Nonna, descendant of a noble Assisi family. Today, it is the perfect setting for weddings. For four years now, Raffaella has directed weddings as splendid a scene as one in a film. In fact, Raffaella is also a film director. Her first film was a prize-winner and her second is upcoming. When not working on her film, Raffaella is enthusiastically “directing” weddings. She’s truly a director of dreams. As Rafaella puts it, “Planning a wedding is like directing a film, for we are making a dream come true, bringing a dream alive…we all collaborate together with great concentration and intensity. The intensity our staff must be [felt], too, by all the wedding guests.”

Professional scenographers, hairdressers, make-up artists, artistic florists – all who often collaborate with her on her films – and top chefs assist Raffaella in turning every event into a celebration to remember.

Raffaella can even arrange a marriage in the stunning 13th century Basilica di San Francesco in Assisi. Wherever the wedding, a delightful afternoon gran finale could be the arrival of a small scooter truck, an Ape, with homemade artisanal gelato for all the guests.

The script for every wedding Raffaella creates at her family villa is a prize-winner, just like her films. Are you ready for a wedding or another special occasion? Regardless of the event, I know the perfect place and the best director of ceremonies. I would be glad to connect you with Raffaella. 

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