MUST GO - Stay Assisi Apartments

Finding accommodations in Italy is easy enough. Hotels, castles, farmhouses, hostels, B&B’s, convents and monasteries, villas, and more are abundant in every region of the beautiful country. Priced from the low end to world-renowned luxury, you can find it all. But, perhaps the best place to stay while traveling to Italy is somewhere referred to you by a friend or family member. For that reason, LGI Picks! would like to introduce you to Stay Assisi Apartments.

Centrally located in the region of Umbria, the hill town of Assisi is the birthplace of St. Francis, who founded the Franciscan religious order in the town in 1208. The Basilica of San Francesco d’Assisi and other Franciscan sites are collectively designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The town is also home to two medieval castles, an amphitheater and more. Assisi has had a rich tradition of art through the centuries and is now home to many well-known artistic works. All these things, and much more, can be just a stone’s throw away from your Stay Assisi Apartment. 

Stay Assisi Apartments are owned and managed by Anne Robichaud (a friend of and contributor to La Gazzetta Italiana!) and her husband, Pino. In 1975, Anne and Pino moved to the Assisi countryside, about six kilometers from town. They rented a crumbling farmhouse on nine acres of wooded land for $25/month – a fair price for a ruin with no electricity, no bathroom, no running water, and a leaking roof. In 1987, they and their three young children moved to a new house behind the farmhouse that Pino had built while Pino restored their rural ruin. Eventually, the family reclaimed the farmhouse and the temporary home behind became three comfortable apartments for guests to rent. Anne and Pino also restored an apartment in Assisi’s medieval center, offering a space for the “urban souls.” 

Guests at the Stay Assisi Apartments can join one of Anne’s small-group hill town tours. As the only American authorized Guida Regionale dell’Umbria, Anne finds joy in sharing her “hidden secrets” of Umbria with her tour guests. Anne and Pino host banquet dinners in their Assisi farmhouse that guests can attend and their overall attentiveness to their guests is one-of-a-kind. Assisi’s central location within Italy affords visitors the ability to explore all of Umbria, southern Tuscany, northern Latium, Abruzzo, and the Marches extremely easily. Rome and Florence are only a 2-hour train ride away. 

Our favorite reason to recommend Stay Assisi Apartments is Anne’s monthly calendar. Regardless of when you plan to travel, she has a reason to do it! For those visiting in January, the Umbrian Jazz Winter Festival and the Epiphany are being celebrated throughout the region and the Feast of St. Anthony is a special day in Assisi. In June, visitors can take part in the Infiorate in Spello witnessing the magnificent floral creations of local artists. October marks the Feast of St. Francis all over the region. The Umbrian calendar is rich throughout the entire year and Anne knows everything, yes everything, that is happening in and around Assisi making your experience truly special. 

Whether it’s a cooking class, a vineyard visit, a festival, a feast with a farm family, or an olive oil tasting, Anne will ensure your experience at the Stay Assisi Apartments is rich with comfort, culture, laughter, and overall joy. 

Mention La Gazzetta Italiana when contacting Anne for your upcoming stay!