Rooftop Views from Venice

Quando giriamo tra stradine, scalinate, vicoli, portici e quant’altro caratterizza l’urbanistica delle nostre città italiane, dal piccolo borgo al grande capoluogo, come possiamo avere una visione d’insieme della loro bellezza? Non si può, a meno di salire su un punto panoramico e ottenere una visione d’insieme. Ecco perché vi consigliamo alcuni panorami meravigliosi presi dagli osservatori degli edifici più simbolici e monumentali del Bel Paese. Dall’alto l’Italia è ancora più mozzafiato!

Walking the lanes and streets of charming Italian villages or{mprestriction ids="*"} the large avenues of major Italian cities, you experience Italian lifestyle from ground level. To appreciate the scope of a city and the surrounding countryside you must climb.    

 Italian towns usually have a major church, some include a bell tower and others have the remains of a fortress with surviving watch towers – all offering a panoramic view from above the rooftops. 

Climbing a tower can afford a 360-degree view that is often obscured when exploring from ground level where the streets may wind around natural contours. 

Tourists will find the leaning tower in Pisa, Giotto’s tower in Florence, the roof of Saint Peters’ in Rome, Milan’s cathedral roof top, and St. Marks Campanile in Venice as well-known locations offering a view, but often for a fee.   

The rooftop of the Fondaco Dei Tedeschi (DFS), the former post office, near the Rialto Bridge offers a free view of the grand canal in Venice. A visit to the rooftop deck is limited to 15 minutes and must be reserved ahead of time online or at computer stations located at DFS. Even with these simple restrictions, the view is worth it. 

Other options for rooftop views in Venice are Scala del Bovolo (stairway to Heaven) off Campo Manin or the tower of San Giorgio Maggiore. The Scala del Bovolo is an easy climb and offers beautiful views of the city and St. Mark’s Campanile. The tower of San Giorgio Maggiore is an active bell tower – schedule your climb accordingly! With great views towards San Marco, the tourist heart of Venice, and the city’s waterfront, this tower gives visitors some of the best views of Venice.

Whether you choose a paid visit to a famous landmark or find a bell tower that allows you to climb for free, make no mistake, the views all over the country of Italy are unmatched.


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