Dante's Early Illustrations Unveiled by Harvard Scholar

Francesca Mignosa, collaboratrice de La Gazzetta Italiana, ha recentemente avuto l’opportunità di intervistare Matthew Collins, accademico e docente presso la prestigiosa Harvard University per parlare della sua tesi dedicata al testo ed alle immagini nel capolavoro Divina Commedia di Dante e alle sue prime illustrazioni moderne del XV e XVI secolo. 

Recently, La Gazzetta Italiana contributor Francesca Mignosa had the opportunity to talk with Harvard Scholar and Harvard faculty member, Matthew Collins about his dissertation on the Text and Images in Dante’s “Commedia” and its Early Modern Illustrations (1481-1596).

FM: When did your love and interest for the Italian language begin and how?
MC: I began to study Italian when I was an undergraduate at the University of Texas at Austin. Because I was an art history major, I thought that taking Italian courses was a natural choice given how regularly the art of Italy is featured in museums, survey courses and the like. The language itself is, of course, absolutely lovely, so it was not too hard to stick with it. Actually, about 10 years ago, I did some writing, editing and translation for La Gazzetta Italiana!


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