Spring in Assisi, Umbria

It is considered one of the most spiritual destinations of Italy. If you wish to embark on a journey of the soul and to immerse yourself in the lives of San Francesco and Santa Chiara, then you must visit the idyllic jewel town of Assisi in the green heart of Umbria at least once in your lifetime. Upon arrival, you will feel as though you have entered a sacred place – but only if you are open to receive the intensity and serenity that this charming and picturesque hamlet convey to any visitor.

I have traveled to this special town both accompanying groups of travelers and personally to meet my Saint, “Francesco.” The village is dusted with a creamy pink stone, powdered by a gentle sunlight. It is a peaceful, tranquil destination among the Umbrian hills.

One of the best times for you to visit Assisi to enjoy its colors and scents is Spring or early autumn. Walking along, you will enjoy browsing through the adorable artisanal boutiques, tasting local cheese and wines and rich pastries made with raisins and nuts. You may also learn about Francis’ parents and imagine the story of their life. I ran into an angel in the middle of the piazza with full wings, I was surprised by Madonnas painted perfectly on facades of many noble palaces and I observed the locals, namely a lady who was doing a crossword puzzle as if she were completely alone and not surrounded by crowds of pilgrims, for her time had stopped on that page. The strongest encounter for me always occurs while visiting the chapel of Santa Chiara and the crypt of St. Francesco. There, underground, along with pilgrims from all over the world of every nationality, language and religion, in that deep silence, lies one of the most special and holiest secrets of Assisi. Everyone pays their respects in silence knowing they are in front of someone bigger than all of us, who actually lived there and carried a precious mystery. Only a faithful pilgrim or an open-hearted traveler will be able to receive his message.