Planning Your Dream Wedding in Italy

Gli stranieri che scelgono l’Italia per convolare a nozze desiderano un matrimonio tipicamente italiano, molto legato quindi alla tradizione. Tantissima quindi, l’attenzione  a tutti i dettagli, specie a quelli legati alla scelta dei piatti e dei prodotti tipici del territorio ed all’incanto di locations quali dimore storiche, antichi casali, cantine storiche, baite da sogno o ville classiche. Una tendenza molto in voga proposta dai wedding coordinator italiani e molto apprezzata dagli stranieri è quella di organizzare i rinfreschi in luoghi non convenzionali come, ad esempio, tra le vigne, nelle grotte o in riva al mare… largo quindi alla fantasia!

Imagine having your fairytale wedding in Italy. You might be intimidated by the details that go into planning a wedding overseas, but you’d be surprised to discover the planning can be seamless and enjoyable. So, where do you begin?
Choosing Your Destination
Whether you have roots in Italy or you simply find the views breathtaking, there’s not a single location you can go wrong with. Consider an area that you can enjoy a few days before or after the wedding. If you’d like to explore some main attractions, Rome would be appealing. If you love the sea and charming towns, the Amalfi Coast is the place to be. There are plenty of venues that host weddings; pick one that reflects you best. Italian villas and castles are exceptional backdrops for your special day as well as the many beautiful churches. Remember, where you are is only half as important as who you are with – be sure to select a venue that can accommodate the number of guests you anticipate having. Venues in Italy are much more intimate than here in the States!

Organizing the Travel
Of course, travel is the biggest obstacle and biggest commitment when planning a wedding in Italy. You’ll want to give your guests (whether 5 or 35) plenty of notice to plan and book flights and hotels. Do your research and suggest several airlines and hotels so guests have different options. Determine ahead of time which airports are most convenient and offer minimal stops. It’s best to share this information when you first send out your Save the Date. If traveling with a bigger group, you might want to organize group transportation, especially if any of your guests are first-time travelers! If you or your guests do not speak Italian, no worries! Arranging and navigating transportation is English-speaking friendly. Lastly, nervous about how the dress of your dreams will make the trek across the ocean? Don’t be! Contact your airline ahead of time. They can arrange for your dress to be carried on and assist you in storing it carefully.

Planning the Details
There are so many details that go into a wedding day: flowers, the meal, entertainment, photographers, and more. How does one stay on top of all these specifics? The same way a bride or groom would do in the States: hire a wedding planner! Destination weddings are popular and wedding planners exist internationally, including Italy! Explore your options via the internet, visit websites and learn about what services are offered. Choose a planner that you can connect with and that provides what you are looking for. Italian wedding planners are bilingual and experienced. They can help you with everything including transportation arrangements, obtaining an Italian marriage license, securing a venue, finding vendors, and picking a menu. They can also make suggestions for rehearsal dinners and day trips for guests. You will be communicating in different time zones, but technology is a wonderful thing and from email to Skype, you’ll have access to your planner regularly. They know the location best, they have all the connections and can give you plenty of recommendations and ideas.

What You Will Forever Treasure
Besides the incredible wedding photos you’ll have with Italy’s stunning setting, you’ll also leave your destination wedding with priceless memories. Maybe you miss out on food and cake tasting (you could still arrange for this to happen, but this is Italy...the last thing you have to worry about is the food!), however you will have a wedding experience that lasts more than a day. For you and your guests, this could truly be an experience of a lifetime. Everyone needs a vacation and your wedding might be the opportunity for your loved ones to take one. Together, you will celebrate a momentous occasion in truly the most beautiful place in the world. And a perk for the bride and groom? You always have a special place to go back and visit for anniversaries to come!