Buon Anno!

How many times did we wish "Auguri e Buon Anno!" to our family and friends over the years? Well, as we get close to 2021, we really should mean these words, given all that we have had to endure throughout these last tragic 12 months. Everyone is waiting for a new, safer beginning, hoping to soon put behind us the fears and concerns which are currently constantly on everyone's mind. Let us hope we might again be able to travel next year, to reconnect once again with our beloved, beautiful Italy (fig. 1), not only in thoughts but finally in person. 

If you love history, good food, traditions, amazing sites, and enchanting art, then there is only one place to easily find all these things: Italy. The longstanding regional traditions, usually going back centuries, make each town and village unique in their own way. The long and rather complex Italian history certainly has contributed to such a variety of bellezza one can witness around the country. 

Approaching Spoleto on foot (fig. 2), a glorious Umbrian town with roots back to the Roman times or visiting a remote monastery in a distant mountain location (fig. 3) will create indelible memories. As will the time spent wandering around the calle and the canali of Venezia (figs. 4,5) where time continues to move on at a speed essentially unchanged from years past. But even a simple trip to the countryside, often in total solitude (fig. 6), or a day spent around one of the many small lakes surrounding Roma (fig. 7) can be memorable. A visit to Firenze (fig. 8) and the wonderful lesser-known towns in Tuscany (fig. 9) around the Maremma (fig. 10) will also provide long-lasting memories. Sea towns are always a favorite for me, more so if off-season (fig. 11) when traffic is not an issue and the visit becomes so much more enjoyable. 

Well, all dreams must come to an end. But first, one last leisurely horse drawn buggy ride (fig. 12) around Roma’s il centro. Have fun!

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