Strawberry Tiramisu

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Ingredients (for 8 people):
1 ½ C. Fresh ricotta
1 ½ C. Mascarpone
6 – 8 Eggs
1 qt. Very ripe strawberries or substitute with 6-8 very ripe peaches
1 C. Sugar
20 Lady fingers cookies (savoiardi)
½ pkg. Amaretti cookies
½ qt. Orange or apricot or pear or mixed juice
Handful of Cherries (for decoration)
Optional to add an 8 oz. bar of dark chocolate and/or grated coconut

Use an oval or rectangular dish serving about 8 persons. Sides of dish should be 4-5 in. Cream together mascarpone and ricotta. Separate egg yolks from whites and whip each. Add yolks to cream mixture, then whites. Add sugar to taste. Slice strawberries or peaches into a bowl, pouring fruit juice over the fruit. If desired, sprinkle fruit with a bit of sugar but note that the savoyards are quite sweet. Dip savoyard cookies into fruit mixture. Layer on bottom of dish, then cover with cream mixture and spoonfuls of the fruit (leaving juice behind). If using strawberries, you may wish to add shaved chocolate which ties nicely with the strawberries. Repeat with another layer (try for 3 layers) and on top layer, sprinkle with crushed amaretti cookies. Decorate with slices of fruit. Add dollops here and there of mascarpone mixed with sugar and plop a strawberry (or peach slice) onto it. If you like coconut, sprinkle on top. I also like to add a few ripe cherries. Serve and enjoy!