An Italian Wedding Destination

Destination weddings have become popular in recent years, with unusual and often very distant locations being chosen by adventurous couples perhaps looking for a little more excitement on their big day. Consequently, a new “cottage industry” has been created.

Italy, the land of love, glorious views (fig. 1), wonderful food, and incredible wines, remains a very desirable destination for many such couples unable to resist the allure of so much beauty, glamour and enjoyment difficult to duplicate anywhere else. Rome (fig. 2), Venice (fig.3) and Florence are the most popular choices. On a recent trip to Venezia, I saw several wedding parties being photographed (fig. 4) as their dream was coming to fruition in such a distant country from their homes. I really admired their determination and courage, even as the rain kept coming down!

Of course, Tuscany (fig. 5), the Amalfi Coast (fig. 6) and now Sicily and the Puglie (fig. 7) remain attractive destinations for someone in search of a more intimate atmosphere often found in the many B&Bs now available throughout the peninsula. Many such locations will also offer beautifully decorated, little, old churches and chapels (fig. 8), often the perfect site to create truly magical memories!

And, for the car enthusiast, there is nothing better than a bright red Ferrari (fig. 9) to add a touch of class to the day, perhaps on the way to Capri (fig. 10) for that spectacular Honeymoon. Buon viaggio, ragazzi!