Photo Exhibit: Piccoli Piaceri

Life is made of a long sequence of moments, many of which might not be worth remembering. However, hopefully there are plenty more well worth reliving!

I wish I could soon find myself walking along a country trail (fig. 1) on a sunny afternoon, free of concerns and worries, looking down a vast valley to see that small lake I discovered years back (fig. 2) in Umbria. I had finally reached an ancient hilltop village (fig. 3) to relax and enjoy a simple meal at the only trattoria still open that day (figs. 4,5). 

A favorite area to visit as often as I can is the small lakes region surrounding Rome (fig. 6), dotted with a multitude of paesini often the site of sagre and festive events, particularly during the summer. It is always so much fun to be around since, as one would expect, local food, wine and regional sweets are the unsurpassed attractions (figs. 7-9). 

Leonessa (fig. 10), situated on the way to the Terminillo skiing region east of Rome in Umbria, is rich with charm and tranquility, particularly once the evening sets in (fig. 11). Our favorite pizzeria never fails to satisfy everyone's taste (fig. 12).

However, according to the grandchildren, the best ristorante in town (fig. 13) is still the same old one. Buon appetito!