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Rabbi Barbara Aiello
Rabbi Barbara Aiello is Italy's first and only female rabbi. She lives and works in Calabria and serves Sinagoga Ner Tamid del Sud in Serrastretta, the first active synagogue in Calabria in 500 years since Inquisition times. She is also director of the Cultural Center which offers surname research to help southern Italians and Italian Americans discover their Jewish roots. "I love all things Italian," says R'Barbara "especially the warmth of my Calabresi parenti. I write for La Gazzetta so that others can learn about the beauty of our region." Before becoming a Rabbi, Barbara was a professional puppeteer and creator of an international program, "The Kids on the Block.”

Margie Miklas
As a retired critical-care nurse, Margie Miklas spends most of her time writing books about Italy and recently, her first novel, “Critical Cover-Up.” A second-generation Italian-American, Margie was born in Cleveland and enjoys writing for La Gazzetta as her hometown newspaper. She has a passion for travel, particularly to Italy, and writes the blog, Margie in Italy. When she’s not writing or traveling, she enjoys spending time with her family, baking Italian desserts and relaxing at the beach. She makes her home in Florida and is a member of the Florida Writers Association. https://margieinitaly.com

Elia Iafelice
Elia Iafelice is an Associate College Lecturer who teaches Italian and Spanish at Cleveland State University. She is also a private tutor who teaches her own Italian classes at the Alta House in Little Italy every Saturday morning. During her free time, she loves walking at local parks, writing, reading, and creating handmade sweaters. She loves writing for La Gazzetta Italiana because it satisfies her desire to write as well as the wish to contribute in a creative way to the Italian Community living in the surroundings of the Cleveland area.

Roslyn Torella
Roslyn Torella is passionate about two things, local and family history and recently published her first local history book, "Lowellville, Ohio: Murders, Mayhem & More." She is currently working on a second book about the Black Hand Society, which she hopes to publish in the Spring of 2019. Roslyn loves teaching others how to find their family roots and volunteers at her local Family History Center. To pay the bills, she is a career federal employee but plans to retire in a few years so she can devote more time to writing, researching and visiting Italy.

Stephen N. Fliegel
Stephen Fliegel is Curator of Medieval Art at the Cleveland Museum of Art. Though born in England, he has an Italian American wife. Through her, he has developed a deep affection for the Italian American community. Stephen has traveled extensively in Italy and loves all things Italian from cuisine to art to opera. He enjoys writing for La Gazzetta because it keeps him connected with the Italian American community and Italian culture. Stephen also loves jazz and spending time with his three grandchildren. He enjoys cooking and fine Italian wines and grappe. He is a big fan of Cleveland’s West Side Market.

Francesca Mignosa
Francesca Mignosa is a custom travel designer for Sicily and Italy, a writer, language teacher (Italian and English) as well as an Interpreter and Translator. She loves living in Italy/Europe and reflecting in her writing on lifestyle and culture, food and language, identity and more. She is passionate about cooking, reading and traveling. She has enjoyed being a contributing writer for La Gazzetta Italiana since 2007 as a way to be connected to her Italian American heritage and community.

Gina Lorubbio
Gina Lorubbio makes art about food and culture that puts wisdom and practical inspiration within reach. In a twist of fate, Gina is an immigrant herself, living with her Danish husband in Copenhagen, Denmark. There, she leads food tours and takes groups on cooking vacations in Tuscany. Gina writes for La Gazzetta to stay rooted in and honor the place that raised her. She loves the license her Italian heritage gives her to squeeze innumerable people around a table and feed them to their heart’s content. To buy her artwork, meet her in Italy or follow her stories, visit www.americanheirloomproject.com.

Anne Robichaud
Anne Robichaud has lived in Umbria, Italy for over 40 years. She and her husband, Pino, farmed for over 12 years while raising their three children and while she also ran an English language school for adults and children in the Assisi area. Anne has been a guide since 1997: the only authorized Guida Regionale dell'Umbria. She also teaches Umbrian rural cuisine in their Assisi farmhouse and in the U.S each February and March. Her mission is to “share the wonders of Umbria with all - through my unique Umbrian medieval hilltown tours, cooking lessons and banquets here in our Assisi farmhouse and in the U.S. and through my numerous articles on my blog, www.annesitaly.com.

Marcello Mellino
Marcello Mellino resides in Lakewood, OH, having moved to the U.S. many years ago from Rome to continue his medical career. Photography and writing have been a life-long interest, culminating a few years ago in the opening of "IMAGES" Photographic Art Gallery, 14406 Detroit Ave., Lakewood. The Gallery regularly exhibits artwork from Marcello as well as from other invited guest artists. Italy, Cleveland, Lake Erie and waterscapes, nature and citi-scapes are the frequent subjects of his photographic creations, often exhibited at local and regional shows and Galleries. Much more of his work can be seen at www.mellinophotography.com. Thanks for following "Vita di Paese" monthly in the Gazzetta... arrivederci.

William Giovinazzo
William (Bill) Giovinazzo is an author who recently released his fourth book “Italianità: The Essence of Being Italian and Italian-American,” available on Amazon. In addition, Bill writes for his blog www.Italianita.blog. He is currently developing a series on webcasts to guide people through Dante's “Divine Comedy.” Bill's love of being Italian is the richness and depth of the Italian culture, from the great Renaissance poets of the past such as Dante & Petrarch to Umberto Eco & Italo Calvino to the great composers such as Puccini & Verde to the fabulous food and art of the Italian people.