From Little Italy to the Republican Hall of Fame

Lucy Selvaggio Stickan è molto orgogliosa delle proprie radici italiane. Il nonno paterno, infatti, era originario di Modica, mentre il lato materno della famiglia proviene dalla provincia di Messina. Lucy  è attualmente il Presidente del comitato esecutivo del partito repubblicano della Contea di Cuyahoga; co-presidente del Women’s Outreach Network e Vice Presidente della sede di Cleveland della Ohio Federation of Republican Women. Ha lavorato alle campagne presidenziali di Trump, Bush e McCain, ed a quelle di Kasich per la carica di Governatore, DeWine per Procuratore Generale e Josh Mandel per Tesoriere. Oltre ad occuparsi di politica, Lucy è stata redattrice di Taste of Ethnic Cleveland, una rivista di  cucina.

Lucy Selvaggio Stickan was born on E. 125 St., right across from Mike Spuzillo’s grocery store in Cleveland’s Little Italy. She later moved to South Euclid, OH, Colorado, and Virginia before eventually settling in Highland Heights, OH, but her heart always remained in the neighborhood where her family still lives. She recalls in awe that Mike always had what was needed that sustained so many families. His store was full of love and all things Italian.

Lucy’s paternal nonno was from Modica, a province of Ragusa, Sicily, and her mother’s family, the Consolo’s and Sberna’s from Sant Agata, a province of Messina. Lucy is very proud of her heritage and is the recipient of the Eagle of Freedom Award presented to her by the American Nationalities Movement of Cuyahoga County. “I think that is why I especially enjoyed working with both the late Senator George Voinovich and current U.S. Senator Rob Portman.” 

Lucy currently serves as the Chairwoman of the Executive Committee of the Republican Party of Cuyahoga County, is Co-Chair of RPCC’s Women’s Outreach Network and V.P. of the Cleveland branch of the Ohio Federation of Republican Women. She was editor of Taste of Ethnic Cleveland, a successful nationality cookbook. She has served as co-chair of the Trump for President Campaign, has co-chaired Bush and McCain campaigns, chaired Kasich’s gubernatorial race, Mike DeWine’s race for Ohio AG, and Josh Mandel for Ohio Treasurer as well as other GOP candidates and issues.

Aside from politics, Lucy has also served as a board member with the USO of Northern Ohio, U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion, a member of the American Nationalities Movement, St. Anthony Society of Holy Rosary Church, and the Italian Sons and Daughters of America (ISDA). 

She is the recipient of several awards along with the Eagle of Freedom, the RPCC’s Dorothy Taft Award, Ross Paul Award, and the Veteran and Community Award presented to her by the Joint Veterans Commission of Cuyahoga County. She is a proud supporter of the Italian Cultural Garden and liaison for the GOP in the Annual Columbus Day Parade in Little Italy.

A graduate of John Carroll University, Lucy met her husband of 41 years there, attorney Chris Stickan. They have two daughters, Christina, a cardiac/thoracic surgical nurse, and Lisa, an attorney,  two-time National Young Republican Chairwoman and Highland Heights councilwoman. Lisa is married to attorney and loyal Republican, Patrick Lewis.

This year, Lucy was inducted into the Republican Party of Cuyahoga County’s James A. Garfield Hall of Fame. “I am so humbled to be in the Hall of Fame along with so many including my former boss, the late George Voinovich. If my parents were alive today, I’m sure my mother would have made the red, white and blue patriotic biscotti for the occasion. I beam with great pride to be a proud American of Italian descent.”