Vince Lombardi's Winning Ways Still Resonate in Business and Academia

Vince Lombardi è considerato il capo allenatore più famoso della NFL. Secondo ESPN, Lombardi ha ottenuto il titolo de: L'allenatore dei secoli negli Stati Uniti. Il trofeo del Super Bowl prende il nome da lui. Allenatori di tante squadre e sport cercano di essere come lui. David Maraniss, nel suo libro “When Pride Still Matted”, racconta la vita di Lombardi. Scrive che la filosofia di Lombardi è ancora applicabile oggi. La lunga eredità di Lombardi è radicata nel duro lavoro, nella disciplina e nella dedizione all'eccellenza.
Coach Vince Lombardi is regarded by most as the greatest NFL coach of all time. His winning record and five championships (including the first two Super Bowls) with the Green Bay Packers are still unmatched over 50 years after his untimely death in 1970, earning him recognition as "Coach of the Century" by ESPN in 2000.
Lombardi was more than a football coach. He was a great leader and that is why he is still remembered and quoted so much so that the NFL’s most coveted team award, the Super Bowl trophy, bears his name, the Vince Lombardi Trophy.
Lombardi is now the classic, winning model from which other coaches and leaders are and will be measured against in effectively assessing successful coaching and leadership in any goal-oriented, forward-thinking organization. 
In 2023, Lombardi’s spirit still resonates throughout the American landscape. He has influenced and touched virtually every sector of the American society, instilling confidence and demanding excellence from its participants in the quest for winning. 
Lombardi has become synonymous with winning in America. 
Lombardi is exemplary because he was ahead of his time with his approach to winning and leadership. The Lombardi legacy centers on a commitment to excellence and character-building in leaders and organizations. Chasing perfection was an everyday practice for Lombardi.
David Maraniss sheds some light about Lombardi in the modern context, almost 46 years after his death. In his 1997 book, “When Pride Still Mattered”, Maraniss insightfully writes about what Lombardi would be like in today’s NFL: "Some go searching for the Old Man out of a sense of longing for something they believe has been irretrievably lost. What would Lombardi do about this? Why isn’t there anyone like the Old Man out there anymore? Lombardi’s football philosophy relied on adaptability above all else, reacting to conditions quickly enough to bend things his way."
The lasting legacy of Lombardi is a direct measure of the extraordinary life he lived as a great coach and great leader. Mention the name Lombardi, and so many hear the calling. A call for Lombardi translates into serious readiness for hard work, discipline, and a commitment to excellence. Above all, Lombardi represents the winning formula for any goal-oriented organization, promoting character-building at the very core of its existence.