Juventus players agreed to stop to being pay for save the club

Juventus players and their manager, Maurizio Sarri, have agreed to their pay being stopped for four months to save the club an estimated 90 million euros during the coronavirus pandemic. The squad which includes Portugal forward Cristiano Ronaldo will not be paid their full salaries from March through June. "Juventus would like to thank the players and the coach for their commitment at a difficult time for everyone," said a statement by the club, champions of Italy for the past eight seasons.

I giocatori della Juventus e il loro allenatore, Maurizio Sarri, hanno deciso di sopsendere il loro stipendio per quattro mesi per far risparmiare circa 90 milioni di euro durante la pandemia. La squadra, cdi cui fa parte il giocatore del Portogallo Cristiano Ronaldo, non saranno pagati da marzo a giugno.