Cleveland's Columbus Day Parade

Today we celebrate our Italian Heritage.

Today is about the family who made a long journey together for a new beginning.

Today is about the father who wanted to provide for his family.

Today is about the mother who wanted her children to have better.

Today is about the children who dreamed of a land of opportunity.

Today is about the young people who wanted to help their family back home.

Today is about all those who are grateful for the sacrifices that were made for them and proud of their roots.

Today is about the courage to start somewhere different, to endure change and challenges in a new country, to hold onto the values and traditions of home, while embracing freedom and the chance to dream.

Our celebration of how far we come is something we take great pride in. Today is our day to celebrate. To all Italian Americans, to all who know or relate to the roles above, we enjoy this day because of you! 

Thank you for joining us at the Columbus Day Parade to celebrate our Italian pride!