Letter from Mayor Frank Jackson

Cleveland's Mayor Frank Jackson Cleveland's Mayor Frank Jackson

As Mayor and as a man of Italian descent, I am proud to celebrate Italian American Heritage Month in Cleveland.

Italian Americans build upon the diversity of our city in all areas from history and art to education and economic development. Since the late 1800s, Italian immigrants have made Cleveland their home. Italian tradition is steeped into Cleveland’s rich history and the influence of this community can be seen throughout the city in our museums, buildings, cultural gardens, restaurants, and the West Side Market.

Italian Americans add to the continued development of our vibrant and growing city. By embracing our history and culture through Heritage Month celebrations, we can create opportunities for increased prosperity, greater equality and higher purpose in Cleveland. The City’s Italian American Heritage Month Celebration highlights contributions of Italian immigrants to Cleveland’s history and celebrates those making Cleveland a better place today.

There is no denying that Cleveland is home to a proud and loyal Italian American community. From the Feast of the Assumption and restaurants in the Little Italy neighborhood to the masses at Holy Rosary Church and 100-year-old businesses selling imported fine wines, cheeses and oils, Cleveland supports its local Italian community. I would like to thank Councilman Matt Zone for starting this annual celebration and invite you all to join me in celebrating Italian American Heritage Month in Cleveland.