MUST DO: Take a Cooking Class

Italians pride themselves on their skills in the kitchen. From homemade sauce to preparing a seven-fish feast, all our Nonnas will tell you they are the best cook in the family. For those of us not lucky enough to still have Nonna at the stove teaching us her secrets, a cooking class could be the next best thing. Don’t worry, as long as the class involves pasta making, prosciutto and wine, we are sure Nonna will approve. So, grab your apron and wooden spoon and let us tell you the five best reasons you should sign up for the next Italian cuisine cooking class in your area. 

1. Learn New Recipes. Let’s face it, life happens and it is easy to get stuck in a recipe rut making the same dishes over and over again because they are quick and easy. Going to a cooking class can inspire you to try new meals and ingredients that will add some variety to your weekly dinner plans. Many classes can involve your kids as well; it is never too early to get them in the kitchen!

2.  Meet New People. The usual set-up for a cooking class involves many people in a confined space forcing new conversations and friendships. If you are new to an area, a cooking class is a great way to meet people with common interests. 

3. Learn about seasonal or regional dishes. Italian cooking classes typically go the extra mile when it comes to the curriculum. Depending on the time of year and the instructor, it is likely the class will showcase the ingredients that are freshest and available in your area as well as the cuisine customary to a specific region of Italy. 

4. Healthier Options. This can tie in to number three with learning about seasonal fruits and vegetables. Cooking classes will also offer substitutions for ingredients that you may want to cut from your diet for numerous reasons. 

5.  Learn new skills in the kitchen. Different types of utensils and prepping ingredients can be daunting tasks. Lessons will teach you which utensils work best while you learn to julienne, chop, grate, core, and more. 

Cooking classes are invaluable for all of the reasons above. You will get back to your own kitchen feeling like a pro and armed with new recipes for your family dinners, all after having a very enjoyable experience. 

Simply Google the nearest cooking class and, of course, choose the one teaching Italian cuisine; you will find they are more abundant that you may have thought. Nonna would be proud!