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<div class="buttonTitle"><div class="roundedlIcon white mbianco mprest"></div></div>On the Cover: Italian Rose Gardens

On the Cover: Italian Rose Gardens

Roses are widespread all around Italy. Whether they are red, burgundy, white or yellow, they all have their own charm and beautiful smell. There are many wonderful places to admire Italy’s roses.In the heart of the Roman countryside in Valleranello…

<div class="buttonTitle"><div class="roundedlIcon white mbianco mprest"></div></div>A Look Back: Editor Speaks

A Look Back: Editor Speaks

May 2023 |

The newspaper is headed into our 31st year of publication. We continue to give 100 percent of our time to the Italian community and we are always looking at ways to improve.This year, a big goal of ours is to…

<div class="buttonTitle"><div class="roundedlIcon white mbianco mprest"></div></div>Joyce Mariani Inducted Into Cleveland International Hall of Fame
<div class="buttonTitle"><div class="roundedlIcon white mbianco mprest"></div></div>Passing the Torch

Passing the Torch

May 2023 |

In this column La Gazzetta will introduce notable members of our local Italian American community. We will hear from men and women whose ancestors’ contributions have resulted in today’s outstanding, productive citizens. Married couple Michael and Rosanne Dando have given…

<div class="buttonTitle"><div class="roundedlIcon white mbianco mprest"></div></div>Italian Football League's Italian Bowl Coming to Ohio

Italian Football League's Italian Bowl Coming to Ohio

May 2023 |

Last September with the Toledo skyline in the background, a large group of Italian Bowl organizers and partners – including Italian Federation of American Football (FIDAF) Deputy Vice President Fabio Tortosa, and FIDAF Board Member and General Manager of the…

The Aeolian Islands: Volcanic Phenomena

The Aeolian Islands: Volcanic Phenomena

About 15 miles from the northeast coast of Sicily, the Aeolian archipelago forms the basis for a cluster of small volcanic islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Each offers breathtaking views of its surrounding islands, coastal boat trips, hidden coves, exquisite…

<div class="buttonTitle"><div class="roundedlIcon white mbianco mprest"></div></div>The Abbey of Farfa

The Abbey of Farfa

May 2023 |

Named for the Farfa River, a tributary of the Tiber flowing nearby, Farfa is the site of one of the most significant monuments of the late Middle Ages in central Italy, the Abbey of Farfa. The first edifice of the…

Letters from Veneto: Life in Italy

May 2023 |

Living in Italy isn’t all sunshine, wine, great food, art and architecture (although, really, it mostly is!). Sometimes the bureaucracy just gets you down. This letter from the Veneto describes some of the challenges of living in Italy. We have…