Spello's Infiorate: Saying It with Flowers

It’s not just a kaleidoscope of flowers but seeds, wild field greens, wild fennel, leaves, and walnut, cypress and other seed pods blended in stunning floral tapestries to celebrate the Feast of Corpus Domini (60 days after Easter) in Spello each year. This medieval hill town’s piazzas and labyrinthine alleyways are carpeted with sublime floral designs as a welcome to the Host carried in solemn procession throughout Spello on Corpus Domini morning.

La Processione serpentines throughout Spello at 11 a.m but visitors want to get there early that morning to see works being completed under the tents and to wander the many flowering backstreets of Spello as you seek out all the dazzling floral tapestries.
Over 1,000 infioratori (“flower tapestry-makers”) will have worked throughout the Saturday night prior creating floral masterpieces – after months of gathering wild flowers in the fields and on Mt. Subasio backdropping Spello and uniting in the evenings to pluck off the petals, to snip some and grind others.

Once the Host is carried over the glorious floral masterpieces, exhausted and blissfully fulfilled, infioratori head home for a rest. In a few months, planning will start again for next year’s Infiorate. Don’t miss the wonders.