Book Review: “Under the Light of the Italian Moon” by Jennifer Anton

Resilience, resilience, resilience of brave women between the rise of Fascism and WWll captures the theme of this true story. 
The author gives recognition to her female ancestor that is caught between being faithful to her mother’s desires for her as an adult and her own desires for happiness with love spanning two continents.
The author has the ability to take you into the story and keep you on the edge of your chair pondering what is going to happen next. At times you wonder, could things get any worse? But then another example of resilience and her dependence on Mary, as the Sorrowful Mother, comes forth and you breathe a sigh of relief.
As I was reading this book, I was imagining how it was for my grandfather, Nano, living in the U.S. I got a glimpse of that through the 30-some Italian letters exchanged between father and son and sometimes siblings, especially his sister, Luigia.
There were discussions about the impending WWlI and the stern warning not to come home because you will go to prison for not serving. To make matters worse, the police would come unannounced and demand a tax be paid for desertion. There certainly was a lot of heartache being separated from family and always being hounded to send money home.
Also, this book is of particular interest to the Italian audience as the author very cleverly peppers Italian phrases throughout the book. However, no worry, as the author has a glossary in the back of the book as an easy reference.
If you are looking for a fast-paced story of living under Fascism in Northern Italy and the strength and resilience needed to survive, then this is a book for you and any women in your life.