A Look into Old Italian Wedding Traditions

Weddings hold many similarities and differences around the world. Each country has its own unique set of traditions to follow during a wedding ceremony and Italy is no exception. In Italy, various traditions, customs and superstitions vary from region to region.

Many different traditions are shared and explored throughout all of Italy and some Italian American families may also partake in old Italian customs. Some are even more popular than others depending on where one family lives or where their ancestors are from.

Some old traditions deal with luck. A bride may spend the night at her parents’ house during the night before the wedding for good luck. She may also wear green to bring good fortune. It is also typically considered bad luck for the bride to wear any sort of gold or jewelry other than her wedding ring on this day.

Sunday is traditionally viewed as a lucky day to wed. For widows, Saturday is said to bring more luck for remarriage.

Other customs vary by region. For some, the groom cannot see the bride until they are married. For others, the bride and groom arrive to the ceremony together. The way this is handled depends on which tradition an Italian family may follow.

There are smaller customs that differ by region. Some couples may tie a ribbon together after the ceremony to symbolize their new bond. Some couples may also saw a log together to demonstrate their partnership.

Despite how many traditions may have declined in popularity or disappeared entirely over the years, it is still important to honor the past. Italian American families of the modern era have taken to adopting some of these old customs to get in touch with their heritage. No matter the era, there will always be traditions to pass down and practice as the next generations wed.