AMO: Opera Museum in Verona

If you have an appreciation for Opera Music in Italy; backstage, sketches, letters, notes, costumes, scripts, and its history as it unfolded in the idyllic and tranquil city of Verona, you will certainly enjoy a visit to AMO: Opera Museum. The Museum was inaugurated in 2012 to document the Opera Festival that takes place every summer in the city. It highlights the founders of Italian Opera: Verdi, Rossini, Bellini, Puccini, and Donizetti and their contribution to not only Italian opera, but opera worldwide. Its multimedia exhibitions allow visitors to interact with memorabilia from Maria Callas, Luciano Pavarotti and Franco Zeffirelli, among others. The elaborate, ornate, Baroque costumes showcased elicit appreciation from all those who have a passion and love for this melodramatic art form. AMO: Opera Museum aims to create a place in Verona, a city famous world-wide for its opera festival, where the Italian operatic culture could be divulged through exhibits featuring original documents and multimedia installations. Visitors will be accompanied through the extraordinary creative process of staging an opera.