Gabriella Mileti

Gabriella Mileti, contributing writer

A look at the history of La Gazzetta Italiana

May 2012
This is a special issue for our newspaper, La Gazzetta Italiana. We are celebrating our 20 year anniversary! With a cappuccino in hand, I sat down with the man who started it all to get a grasp of how indeed Mr. Paul Sciria came up with La Gazzetta...

Milan's Vertical Forest

March 2012
When the mayor of a city, orders a ban on all vehicles and mandates elementary schools to remain closed for two days, you know you have a pollution problem. Situations like these occur monthly, if not bi-weekly in the northern Italian city of...

Tips & Tricks from Garden Guru, A.J. Petitti

March 2012
Spring is about to bloom in Cleveland, at least we hope it is. Since we're experiencing the mildest winter in decades, it's hard not to start thinking about the garden and cultivate ideas on new and exciting trends in gardening and backyard living....

Fashion Tempts Taste Buds

March 2012
Fruits and vegetables can be found just about anywhere, including on runways during Milan fashion week. Yes, I said runways. What we use to cook our favorite dishes will be found on clothes this season. Dolce & Gabbana, molto Italiano The...

Spring Summer 2012 Trend Report

February 2012
Although winter is not quite over yet, a new tantalizing season is upon us, at least from a fashion perspective. Across the globe, boutiques and fashionistas alike are getting ready for the new Spring Summer collections. What strutted down on the...

Gucci: the Man, the Passion, the Legacy

February 2012
Guccio Gucci, a Florentine artisan, opened his very first leather goods and small luggage store 1921. He was passionately dedicated to his profession and took great pride in his work. Inspired by the refined English nobility, he observed while...

La Moda: Fall/Winter 2011-2012 Trend Report

September 2011
Click here or scroll down for article in Italian As we bid arrivederci to the scorching summer and brace ourselves for the upcoming bitter cold season, it's the perfect time to analyze the fall/winter trends on the horizon and grasp...

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