In the Cucina with La Gazzetta: Italian Sliders

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In this column we are sharing the cuisine and recipes of Italy and our Italian American communities. Each month we feature recipes curated from our research and those shared by LGI readers. Food and cooking are important aspects of our cultural identity and sharing recipes is one way for us to connect to our roots and to one another! We invite you to share your family recipes and the stories behind them with us! For our August issue, we would like to feature your dishes, so if you have a special recipe, we would love to hear from you! Please email your recipes to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before July 10th. We also love photographs, so please feel free to share a photograph of your family making or enjoying the recipe, or of a beloved family member who is or was the “cook” in your family! 

Italian Sliders

dalla cucina di Roslyn Torella

It is summertime which means warm weather and get togethers. For the month of July, I am sharing with you an easy recipe that is more Italian American than Italian. This is the perfect little snack to put together if you have company coming over or are going to a potluck. They are quick, easy and you are not stuck over a stove in the heat! Whenever I make these, my guests rave about them. They are Italian Sliders. These little sandwiches using Hawaiian sweet rolls are full of tasty Italian deli meats and cheeses, tangy peppers and with a buttery seasoning drizzled over the top before baking, they come out toasted and full of rich deliciousness! All ages will love them from little kids to adults. You may want to make a batch without the peppers for the kids for a milder version. Buon appetito!

Ingredients (makes 1 dozen):

12 pack of Hawaiian rolls (slider bun size)
12 slices Deli ham
12 slices Sandwich size salami
12 slices Sandwich size pepperoni
6 slices Provolone
Roasted red peppers, sliced
Banana peppers, sliced
½ stick Butter
Italian seasoning
Marinara sauce for dipping (optional)


In a medium sized bowl combine thPreheat oven to 350 degrees F. Slice your slider buns in half, place bottom of buns in a baking dish, layer your ham, salami, and pepperoni. Top with provolone and sprinkle with roasted red peppers and banana peppers on top. In small bowl, whisk together butter and Italian seasoning. Place other half of slider buns on top. Brush top of buns with butter mixture.

Cover with tinfoil and bake in oven for 25-30 minutes. Remove from oven and brush with more butter if desired.