La Passione dei Fiori

Italians love flowers and nature. You can tell by the variety and number of floral displays often seen whenever wandering around towns and villages throughout Italy. I finally made it back "home" in September, after a long two-year absence. I collected a series of unusual and artistic pottery images which I happily share with my readers this month. 

While enjoying my stay in Leonessa and visiting several surrounding villages in Umbria and Eastern Lazio, these creations (figs. 1-3) caught my eye, which led me to search for more, of course! An old chair by a home’s door (fig. 4) became a very colorful little garden, while a carved tree trunk was the perfect touch along a narrow way (fig. 5).

The small windows typically seen in these century-old villages are indeed great for pottery displays (figs. 6-8) as are the occasional power company meter box (fig. 9)! 

Other flowery creations could be spotted anywhere around the village (figs. 10,11), filling the patio of a local trattoria with incredibly red geraniums (fig. 12), or along the narrow vicoli (fig. 13) so common in this region.

It was indeed very refreshing and truly enjoyable to be back roaming around the wonderful paesi and villages which are still filled with the Italian traditions and flavors I cannot ever forget. I always create the most incredible memories with the Bella Italia. Buon viaggio!

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