A Viso Aperto

It has become normal to look at a person today and wonder how does he/she really look behind that mask? People are by nature socially inclined, however we have come to accept as normal a life essentially devoid of spontaneous socialization. I imagine that today life is still different around the many remote Italian villages I have often visited in the past. Many such paesi have been scarcely populated for a long while, and perhaps this might now be a positive fact for them. However, as I wait for the chance to be with family and friends again, I enjoy seeing them a viso aperto.

I am happy to share these spontaneous portraits of friends and of casual encounters. Some are young, some old, some with a story to tell, but most are like all of us: simply happy to be seen as their life rolls on, happy to be caught on camera in their “normal.” 

Life has become so different now but let us hope that we are able to see each other, in person, again soon.

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