Vita di Paese: Cose Semplici

As we continue to reflect on the values and important things in our lives, I looked back at simple moments enjoyed during several stays in Italy over the past years. I realized that such simplicity was filled with joy and happy memories. Now more than ever, the real values in life are beginning to emerge from little and often forgotten situations. 

A long drive out to no important destination filled my eyes with a wonderful collage of spring colors from a field of wildflowers (fig. 1). 

A country trail in autumn (fig. 2) was a glorious momentary escape, until I arrived at a nearby remote cottage (figs. 3,4) busy with daily activities. A tiny lake fed by a mountain creek (fig. 5) was the home for a pair of beautiful swans (fig. 6). The local trattoria (fig. 7) offered a wonderful, simple lunch out in the countryside, from where an enjoyable shopping stop for prosciutto (fig. 8) and other local products (fig. 9) made the day simply perfect!

I always like to take time to wander around remote villages, often found by accident. The views and the surroundings are usually splendid as in this remote Umbrian town (fig. 10) which became even more interesting as the sunlight subsided (fig. 11).

Open markets can be a source of wonderful findings, and, having six granddaughters to keep happy, this one (fig. 12) was a real winner! 

So many simple moments keep coming back to me as I look at past images. I hope to be able to pass along to readers some of the simple happiness they have given me throughout the years! 

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