Norcia: Determination After Damage

Last fall, I visited Norcia (fig. 1), in the heart of the Umbria region, where so much damage had been caused by several earthquakes over the last few years. It was reassuring to see so much life and beauty throughout this millenary town, known as "Nursia" in Roman times, so rich of history and culinary traditions. 

Yet, the scars from the recent earthquake are still very visible (fig. 2) as one wanders through the narrow stradine and piazze in search of authentic truffle oil, sauces and other local delicacies. This region is well-known for its tartufo and cinghiale meats (fig. 3). Typical food stores called "Norcinerie" were open (fig. 4) and welcomed the few tourists in town. Recent events have, unfortunately, significantly curtailed what used to be a constant arrival of buses filled with visitors. Many of the historic buildings such as the Theater (fig. 5) and the Basilica of St. Benedetto (fig. 6) have been damaged to a various degree and remain closed awaiting their restoration. 

The constant sight of prosciutto and salami throughout the town (fig. 7) quickly increased are culinary interests. The "Taverna del Boscaiolo" (fig. 8), recommended by many of the locals, was closed, but "Il Cenacolo" was open (fig. 9) and eager to feed us! 

After lunch, as we were getting back to our car, we witnessed more of the damage (figs. 10, 11) as well as the determination of the Norcia people to move on and rebuild their beautiful town (fig. 12). It is still the best location to find the wonderful products (fig. 13) that make Norcia and Umbria such a desirable destination; well worth a stay on your next trip to the Bella Italia!